FIELDER (2023) #1

FIELDER (2023) #1


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FIELDER (2023)
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(W) Kevin Huizenga (A/CA) Kevin Huizenga
is the new series by Kevin Huizenga, author of the classic
series of over-sized comics, featuring four new stories by the multi-Ignatz winning, Eisner, and Harvey nominated cartoonist. Reminiscent of current one-man anthologies like Sammy Markham's
and Adrian Tomine's
, this new "comics magazine" will center on Huizenga's character, Glenn Ganges, in different genre-bending roles. This issue will feature the first chapter of the new graphic novel, "Fielder, Michiana," as well as a continuation of Huizenga's dinosaur adventure comic, "Bona," and some of his short "Viral Webcomics" series.
In Shops: Jul 12, 2023

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