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  • INCREDIBLE HULK (1962-1999 1ST SERIES) #386
    The Hulk has to stop the Pantheon killer from succeeding in his next hit--a young kid. Characters: Hulk [Bruce Banner]; Pantheon; Sabra; Max Meer (first appearance; villain); Greta Rabin (first appearance; villain). "Little Hitler" is written by Peter David, with art by Dale Keown and Mark Farmer. Cover by Dale Keown. ...
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  • INCREDIBLE HULK (1962-1999 1ST SERIES) #371
    Featuring the original Defenders. Story continued from last issue. The creature from the dark dimension has usurped control of the Hulk's body. Can Namor the mighty Sub-Mariner contain the Dark Hulk long enough for Doctor Strange to find a way to send the fiend back from whence it came? "Strange but true." Guest-starring Dr. Strange and Namor. Story by Peter David. Art by Dale ...
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  • INCREDIBLE HULK (1962-1999 1ST SERIES) #385
    Cover art by Dale Keown. Dark Dominion, script by Peter David, pencils by Dale Keown, inks by Mark Farmer; Hulk arrives back in the city from the Infinity Gauntlet to find that a villain named Gestalt is causing violent mobs to kill and destroy. Infinity Gauntlet crossover. ...
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  • INCREDIBLE HULK (1962-1999 1ST SERIES) #316
    "Battleground!" Guest-starring She-Hulk, Iron Man, Hercules, Wonder Man, Sub-Mariner, and Doc Samson. Story and Art by John Byrne. Additional inks by Keith Williams. She-Hulk arrives to the hospital to find out just what is wrong with her cousin Bruce Banner. Meanwhile, the Avengers (east and west coast) send in their big guns to deal with a Hulk raging out if control. Can even...
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  • INCREDIBLE HULK (1962-1999 1ST SERIES) #368
    "Natural Selection." Doc Samson cameo. Story by Peter David. Art by Sam Kieth and Kelly Jones. As Bruce Banner flees from the army he stows away on a passing train. Within the dark shadows of the train car, the fugitive scientist runs into the one person who just might be more dangerous and scarier then his own alter ego...Mr. Hyde. ...
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  • INCREDIBLE HULK (1962-1999 1ST SERIES) #356
    Cover pencils by Jeff Purves, inks by Bob McLeod. Control Problems, script by Peter David, pencils by Jeff Purves, inks by Jim Sanders III; Even though the Hulk has just killed him, Glorian promises the Shaper of Worlds that he will bring nobility to the grey monster; Glorian returns to life, much to the surprise of Marlo and puzzled emergency workers, and he is contacted by Ni...
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