HUSH RONIN (2023) #2

HUSH RONIN (2023) #2


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(W) Jeremiah Schiek (A/CA) Jeremiah Schiek
The origin of the Mugendai Blade in Ancient Mesopotamia! A blade from the heavens come to level the kingdoms and principalities of humankind! After receiving the Mugendai Blade at the end of the Battle of Akagahara, Shoji has fled back to the open road. Meanwhile, the Red Lady has wasted no time in turning the country into a net of mercenaries and bounty hunters, all seeking the same quarry: A lowly ronin carrying a foreign sword. How long can Shoji evade the grasp of Clan Sasori, with every man, woman and child on the island hellbent on collecting the reward for his capture? Can he rid himself of the burdensome sword without unleashing the ultimate destruction?
In Shops: Aug 30, 2023

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