DARKHAWK (1991) #12

DARKHAWK (1991) #12


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Cover pencils by Mike Manley. Heart of the Hawk, Part 3: Masks, script by Danny Fingeroth, pencils by Mike Manley, inks by Ricardo Villagran; Tombstone has pulled the amulet out of Darkhawk's chest and is about to kill Darkhawk when Saint Johnny grows a weapon from his arm and shoots Tombstone, who then flees; Darkhawk is oozing green fluid from the hole in his chest and cannot turn back into Chris Powell; Broderick Bazin testifies agains his father who is conflicted; Savage Steel breaks into the courthouse to execute Bazin and Darkhawk breaks in and stops him easily. Bazin is escaping in a helicopter when Mike Powell grabs the ladder and they both fly away; Harry Lennox is inside the Savage Steel armor when the mask is removed.

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